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Intro to Web Site, CSS, Forms, Flash, Databases! also training in rapid software development techniques

Welcome to WebMentoring

WebMentoring is a service featuring Live ONLINE Classes that teach you how to design and program on various web topics from building a basic site to using APIs from Google and Facebook. You will build computer skills you need to develop programs and applications for interactive projects for the Internet and growing mobile phones.

Practical Classes with real world examples. Get a glimpse of how media companies like Disney and ESPN or FedEx use web elements and programming within their large webs site or growing information systems. Enjoy :) Find more classes and topics on the Class Schedule page.

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You Get a Real Person demonstrating how to program in HTML, CSS, Flash, use Google Analytics, Google Maps, special group projects, create a web site for your family, for your business! Interested in dynamic web applications that use databases, CSS, and HTML. Click Here...

Featured Classes

Date Category Title Description Description
December 1 BASIC Build A Basic Site Beginning Web Site Design and Programming, learn hand coding and use of Adobe PhotoShop, Dreamweaver and text editing with Notepad.
December 4 DES/PROG Separating Content from Design and Programming UI and Presentation Layer concepts. Intro to CSS and separating content from UI. A good step towards creating dynamic web pages.
December 5 FORMS FORMS Learn how to collect data from forms data. Continuation of HTML and CSS.
December 10 PROGRAMMING Adobe Flash Actionscript Learn Flash topics.
December 12 PROGRAMMING Databases and Dynamic Web Applications We will focus on LAMP applications; LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL PHP.

All Questions Welcome in Class; never a dumb question. If you are ready to learn skills for interactive projects, choose a class that fits your schedule and needs.

Class Topics

Basic Web Sites

Learn Forms

Advanced Topics

  • Web Standards, Browsers, and Validation of XTHML and CSS
  • Web Services Overview, APIs, Google API
  • Dynamic Database Application on the Web
  • PHP / ASP
  • LAMP Applications

  • Where will you be next year?

    With an economy on the mend and renewed optimism towards job creation, many are considering upgrading their education and job status. With the right education, you could be among the successful job seekers in 2010 with new database skills.